Punky’s Power Club

Help Nashville foster care children dream big and overcome obstacles

In planning CASA Nashville’s 35th Birthday celebration, based on the 80’s when we were founded, one goal was to include a fun, 80’s themed way for anyone at all to support our mission.

Punky’s Power Club is a special giving club to make it easy for anyone to help support CASA Nashville’s Totally 80’s Belated Birthday Bash. People and businesses from all over, who simply want to help foster care children in Nashville who’ve experienced abuse and neglect, can make a $100 gift to join Punky’s Power Club. That’s it! There’s no other gift or action necessary!

In thinking of 80’s iconic television characters that exemplify our cause, none other than Punky Brewster came to mind! In the show, Punky was a 6-year-old girl abandoned by her mother. She found shelter in a vacant apartment and was discovered by the apartment manager, who became her foster dad and eventually adopted her. Punky talked about her “Punky Power” – it helped her dream big and overcome obstacles. Her life story and resilience depicted the ways that CASA Nashville has worked for 35+1 years to Change a Child’s Story™.

Your donation will help provide a CASA Volunteer Advocate to represent the voice and best interests of a child who desperately needs safety, hope, and a permanent loving home. CASA Volunteer Advocates make it possible for foster care children to find permanent homes more quickly and to have their educational, medical, and social needs met more fully.

With your $100 gift, CASA Nashville will help a child who’s known the trauma of abuse and neglect find their own kind of “Punky Power” to Dream Big and Overcome Obstacles! Please join now with your gift of $100! You’ll receive a special commemorative gift to help you remember Punky’s Power Club and your impact on the life of a foster care child.