Welcome to our Virtual Breakfast with Champions!

2020 has postponed many things, but not the outpour of care and support from CASA Nashville’s community. We are humbled. We are amazed. We are so very grateful.
Our CASA Volunteer Advocates complete a 36-hour training program, preparing them to navigate the child welfare system and advocate for each child’s specific needs. They provide recommendations to Juvenile Court judges to help determine what is in the child’s best interest.
CASA Volunteer Advocates ensure that none of these vulnerable children are lost in an overburdened system. They work to find safe, permanent, loving homes in the shortest time possible.
With so many cases processed through the courts each year, and with resources always at issue, many children would not receive the representation and advocacy they need for a proper resolution without CASA Nashville’s help.
With your support, we can provide a CASA Volunteer Advocate to over 300 children in Davidson County.
Thank you for joining our week-long virtual Breakfast with Champions!!
With gratitude,
CASA Nashville

Day 1 Volunteer Advocates

Day 3 Leslie Newman

Day 5 Blair Durham

Day 2 Mayor, John Cooper

Day 4 Judge Sheila Calloway