CASA Stories

Abused and neglected children have not only been victimized by trusted relatives, but they have been further damaged by the impersonal system developed to protect them. Separated from their families, many children languish in the limbo state of foster care for years without any plan for a permanent home. And the impact is tremendously troublesome:

  • Child victims of abuse or neglect are 53% more likely to become juvenile delinquents
  • 80% of inmates in federal prisons were, at one time, in state custody as children
  • Adults with a history of child abuse are more likely to abuse their own children

CASA Nashville, however, does not step back from the challenges facing too many children in our community. We stand up and speak for victims, who through no fault of their own, are caught in the system. Every day, CASA works to reduce the amount of time children spend in foster care and to facilitate rapid placement in safe, permanent homes.

Does it work?

  • Approximately 95% of children with a CASA volunteer do not languish in long-term foster care
  • About 90% of children with a CASA volunteer do not re-enter the child welfare system
  • CASA volunteers save taxpayers an estimated $800,000 in foster care payments each year
  • Our Volunteer Advocates put in an estimated 27,000 hours of service to enact upon CASA’s mission.