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Volunteer Spotlight :: Hannah Schonewill

“Just commit,” Hannah Schonewill, CASA volunteer, says. “If it keeps tugging at you, you are meant to be here. There will be a specific child or a particular case that you have just the right skills needed to make a huge impact in multiple people’s lives – you don’t want to miss out on that. There’s a reason you keep thinking about it.”

If you are reading this and feeling a tug, maybe Hannah is talking to you.

Well, what motivated you, Hannah? “I feel that its everyone’s duty to invest in whatever community he/she is tied to; and having moved to Nashville about a year ago, I was still searching for a place where I could offer my best skills. I learned about CASA through an ad for “Coffee with CASA,” and knew right away that CASA was where I needed to volunteer.” Hannah has a heart for vulnerable populations and feels that children are one of the most vulnerable populations out there. “To have an opportunity to help a child to understand that he/she is valuable and seen, and to speak up on their behalf, is not something I could pass up easily knowing how little of a sacrifice it is in the long run.”

Hannah graduated with her Bachelor’s in Social Work in 2014, which she says will help with the majority of the work she will be doing through CASA. She also has a vast amount of experience working with children due to being a full time nanny and leading middle school Bible studies.

Hannah also loves coffee, coffee dates, and celebrating birthdays (both her own and other’s). She enjoys going on outdoor adventures with her husband and dog (the former of which is also a CASA volunteer; you’ll meet him in another post!) reading, and anything that has to do with summer.

Still thinking about becoming a volunteer but not sure if you can make a difference? Hannah says “The training is a bit daunting, but the daily investment that you will be making in children’s lives is so worth it! Once you are placed on a case, you are needed, you are valued, your input is respected, and you are a necessary piece to let a child know that they are heard and cared about, something they may not have known before you came around.”

Thank you, Hannah, for your heart for the vulnerable, and for willing to be courageous and vulnerable yourself in order to have a profound impact in another’s life.

Hannah is for the child because “Every child needs to be shown that he or she has value!”

Take a chance.

Lift up a child’s voice. A child’s life.™

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