Volunteer Spotlight :: Carla Fletcher

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Volunteer Spotlight :: Carla Fletcher

Readers, meet Carla Fletcher.

Carla is an enthusiastic, warm individual with a heart for serving the abused and neglected children of Nashville. During CASA volunteer trainings, Carla brought laughter to the group with her quick wit and also eagerly dove into the learning material for the day. She also loves spending time with her family, taking long weekend camping trips, and spending weekends in Sewanee. “Carla time” includes watching hours of Friends reruns or relaxing on the porch with a cozy blanket. She appreciates a nice steak dinner and says that “laughing is my favorite activity – so anything that can put a smile on my face works for me.”

Carla decided to become a CASA volunteer because she truly wants to make a difference in young people’s lives. She believes that children deserve happiness and a support system that they can depend on to become a successful adult.

Carla herself has raised two daughters. She says that it was and still is important to her that they are kind to themselves and others. “I have a heavy heart when it comes to underprivileged people as we all have the same desire to be loved and to feel safe in life,” says Carla. “It is my job as a human being to look out for others, to have empathy, compassion and to show respect.”

Carla graduated from CASA training on September 29th and is excited to receive her first case.

If you are considering becoming a CASA volunteer, Carla would say, “Make a difference and DO IT. Being a CASA can truly change the way a child perceives adults. CASA can be that one person that a child can count on.”

Carla is for the child because “many children do not have an adult voice advocating for their good will.”

Thank you, Carla, for being willing to be that adult voice in a child’s life, and for your compassionate heart and dedicated spirit.