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Volunteer Spotlight :: Spencer Cummings

This Friday’s Volunteer Spotlight focuses on CASA volunteer Spencer Cummings!

Spencer Cummings

Spencer first heard about CASA from a friend who was passionate not only about being a volunteer, but also the organization as a whole. After a lot of encouragement from his friend, Spencer finally decided to do some of his own research about CASA and its mission.

“I’ve always given my time in some way to the community, but the more I learned about CASA, I realized this would be a very different volunteer experience. More than just stocking shelves or providing temporary solutions to social issues, a CASA volunteer truly changes the trajectory of a child’s life.”

Spencer is now celebrating his first year as a CASA, but he admits that he was initially a little intimidated by the program.

“I was an economics major and now work in finance. I have had zero education or experience in child development, law, or social work; however, the training CASA provides was really interesting and definitely helped me get the basics down.”

He continued that the supervisors also served as excellent resources – always available to answer questions.

Spencer is a perfect example of how a CASA volunteer does not need a background in a specific field to be a successful advocate for children.

“I haven’t felt that my background has put me at a disadvantage at all,” Spencer said.

For anyone who may be hesitant about becoming a CASA, Spencer urges them to explore that possibility and encourages everyone that it is certainly doable, despite busy schedules.

“I work an 8-5 job and don’t have much flexibility, so I was a little nervous about how much time working one of these cases would truly require. I am on my second case now and haven’t felt overwhelmed at all. Once you get the hand of it and see the impact you’re making, it seems like a small tradeoff for such a great impact.”

When he is not volunteering with CASA, Spencer likes traveling, particularly internationally. He has also recently bought a home and is enjoying doing renovation projects.

Spencer Cummings- I am for the child

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