Volunteer Spotlight :: Jenny Moreno

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Volunteer Spotlight :: Jenny Moreno

This week we are excited to share the story of one of our newest volunteers, Jenny Moreno!

Jenny first heard about CASA while she was in law school in North Carolina. There she spent a lot of time working on child and family cases and discovered her passion for family law. After working on a traumatic case within her first year of study that resulted in leaving a child in the arms of the foster care system, she understood the need for a program like CASA.

After moving back to Nashville, she began working for the Metro Legal Department, but sought out ways to utilize her passion for working directly with children and families. Though no longer professionally involved in the child advocacy world, Jenny says, “I wanted to keep that interest alive.”

Jenny completed her volunteer training last fall and is excited to share that she has now been assigned her first case, working with a Spanish-speaking family. “I am fluent in Spanish, so that is something that I thought I could contribute,” she said.

Outside of her volunteer work as a CASA, Jenny enjoys spending her free time traveling, particularly to places where she can visit long-distance friends and family. She also loves to cook and take advantage of the Nashville food scene.

As for people that may be on the fence about becoming a CASA, Jenny encourages them to take the plunge. She notes that many of the other trainees in her class were either stay-at-home mothers or those at retirement age, but insists that from her experience, the responsibilities of a volunteer are flexible enough to work for any man or woman who wants to make a difference — even those that work full time.

Jenny told us that the challenges associated with scheduling her CASA responsibilities around a professional schedule are definitely worth the effort. “If anyone has an interest, they should definitely try to make it work.”


Jenny, pictured with CASA Nashville Executive Director Jane Andrews at her volunteer graduation last fall.

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