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Volunteer Spotlight :: Sheena Steward

It’s Friday, and we’d like you to meet CASA Nashville Volunteer Advocate Sheena Steward!

Sheena has been volunteering with CASA Nashville since 2011 and has worked three cases, serving three children. She’s a wonderfully bright and warm young woman with a huge heart for service and a fierce commitment to making the world a better place, and we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have her on our team!

When we asked Sheena what motivated her to get involved with CASA, she said, quite simply:

“I’m a survivor of child abuse, so this organization and its mission really spoke to me.”

In addition to her work with CASA, Sheena has been involved with a number of other organizations over the past several years, including The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program, the YWCA, and Oasis Center. She has worked as a crisis line volunteer for The Sexual Assault Center, and spoken in prisons on behalf of You Have the Power, and completed other speaking engagements for Tennessee Voices for Victims.


This fall, Sheena celebrated her birthday in one of the most creative and inspired ways that we’ve ever heard — and in a way that, we think, really speaks to her generous spirit. Here’s the story, in her words:

“My birthday was October 21st, and I decided a few months before to do a project for my birthday that went along with my goal to change the world. I came up with the idea of mailing 20 people a card, $5, and assigning them a date between Oct 1st-20th to do a good deed. They could add more money to do their deed, but it wasn’t necessary. I asked each of the people to text me a picture and summary of what their good deed was. These 20 people live in five different states. When I started the project I thought this will be a nice way to give back to others, but what I didn’t realize is how it would change me. Each day I received a gift when I would read the texts and see the Facebook and Instagram posts. This experience was humbling and spiritual! Below is a list of good deeds that people did for the project.

  1. Ice Cream party for women and children at The Women’s Mission
  2. Hygiene products donated to Room In the Inn
  3. Animal food donated to the animal shelter, blood donated, case of water donated to the police department and gave $1 to a stranger and asked them to pay it forward
  4. Paid for the person behind them in the Starbucks line
  5. Bought food, drinks and gave money to a family on the side of the road
  6. Paid for breakfast for a stranger
  7. Made a donation to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital to assist in buying therapy material for chemotherapy patients
  8. Donated money to the family of a woman that died that day when a truck crashed into her home
  9. Gave a card and flowers to an immigrant  mother who holds high status in her native country, but whose degree means nothing here in the States so her family is struggling
  10. Gave a card and gift card to the custodial workers at their job (they are Hispanic so the cards were in Spanish)
  11. Donated money so that 20 children could attend the circus
  12. Went to a local store and danced around and gave $5 to the first person that danced with them
  13. Donated money to the Bunny Tunnel at LeBonheur Hospital’s East Surgery Center
  14. Donated money to Kosair Children’s Hospital to make “Ouchie Boxes”
  15. Gave money to three families sitting outside the Salvation Army’s health and services/homeless shelter
  16. Took a student in the leadership program out to lunch
  17. Paid for the music education of a church member
  18. Gave money to their grandmother
  19. Donated money to a local grocery store’s community cupboard
  20. Donated money to coats for kids

On October 21st, I celebrated my birthday by donating money to CASA. I also went to St. Thomas and gave a card and money to a family that gave birth to a child on October 21st.”


Isn’t that inspirational? (We think so!) Thanks for the many ways that you support CASA and the Nashville community, Sheena!

Join Sheena in lifting up a child’s voice. A child’s life.
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