We’ve got a new friend!

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We’ve got a new friend!

Have you met the newest member of the team? Because I have, and she’s pretty great.

Julieanna Huddle, an Ohio native, is bringing really unique experience and exciting energy to the role of Volunteer Coordinator.  Her background is with nonprofit organizations involving youth, so CASA is a natural fit for Julieanna.  Her passion for changing the lives of young people is clear from every conversation you could have with her.  She has worked in alcohol and drug prevention, after school and summer programming, and counseling efforts.

Julieanna respects young children as what they are: little people who deserve to be treated with as much dignity and respect as everyone else.  She feels compelled to work with kids that many people don’t get to know, the kids too many people ignore.  Macro-scale change is what drew Julieanna to the volunteer coordinator position.  Through recruiting and training volunteers, she is able to influence the lives of more children for the better.  Long-term impact and breaking the cycle of violence mean a lot to Julieanna.  Her ultimate career goals include creating long-term program for children affected by inner-city gang violence.  Julieanna created the summer program and plans on taking it to the next level with creating and providing continued care for the young people in the program (middle school, high school and hopefully on through college and beyond!)

Julieanna has already begun to absorb office culture through an unofficial lunch at Las Marracas, official soup lunch on Thursdays, and by participating in her first staff meeting last week.  Please welcome Julieanna and encourage her work that will lift up the voices of children throughout Nashville!

-ally, intern