The Bear in Green Overalls

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The Bear in Green Overalls

Do you remember Corduroy?  Take a few minutes to travel back to your childhood, or reminisce about reading this story to a child you love.


The story of Corduroy shows what life could be like for a child in the foster care system, a child who could benefit from a Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteer.  He sits daily among other animals wondering when he will be good enough; if someone will finally want to take him home, when he will belong in someone’s family.  The other animals could be like a child’s classmates or friends, or other foster children in a group home.

One day, a little girl tries to take Corduroy home, but the little girl’s mother won’t let her because Corduroy seems messy and sloppy.  The reader never knows why Corduroy’s overalls are torn; we just know that he will do anything he thinks he may need to do in order to be adopted.  The girl had looked right at Corduroy, finally saw him, and paid attention.  She could see how special he was even though he wasn’t a brand new bear.

Corduroy began a big adventure before heading to his eventual home (a home he wasn’t certain he’d ever find.) He went to places he didn’t know, like all the way to the next floor, and saw things he didn’t understand, like buttons sewn on a mattress.  Suddenly, someone in a uniform who did not know Corduroy came and took him back to the same place he’d always been: a place where he felt like no one wanted him, right there on the shelf.  The person in the uniform was trying to help, but Corduroy just fell asleep.  He was a tired little bear.

Then Corduroy’s dream came true.  He got taken home in the arms of someone who loved him, not in a box or a bag, not in the backseat of a stranger’s car.  Corduroy got a permanent home.  He recognized his home because he saw a bed there, just for him.  Someone took care of Corduroy, patched up his clothes, and helped him to be comfortable.

You can make this kind of difference in the life of a child.
Lift up a child’s voice.  A child’s life.
Volunteer or donate today.

-Ally, CASA Nashville